Who We Are

Kakoon was built with the industry in mind. What frustrations business have currently and what they are likely to face in the future. Our philosophy is that if you listen to what a customer wants, work with them to achieve an outcome, it’s a win win situation. Its served us well in the many years working in this industry and we will continue this as the cornerstone of our products now and in the future.

We look forward to hearing how we can fit into your business rather than a business fitting into a product.

“Built by the industry , for the industry “


Provide a solution, for experience lead customer interaction, to deliver business growth.


Built by the Industry, for the Industry

Kakoon was built as a result of listening to customer frustrations.

The frustrations customers currently have and what they are likely to face in the future.

Our philosophy is that if you listen to what a customer wants, you then work with them to achieve a successful outcome.

Our mantra is to provide a product that fits into a customer’s business rather than a business fitting into a product.


Vision Innovation Passion
A company with a visual perception of direction, to constantly evolve to the changing needs of the markets we occupy A company not afraid to venture down the road less travelled to deliver original and creative products to market A company that has an intense enthusiasm towards its people, products, partners and surrounds

Allan Brassil - Director

Allan has had 40 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, and he has an intimate knowledge of the Clubs and Hotels business.

Having started out in a family owned Hotel business he has also worked for major organisations such as Coca Cola, Carlton & United Breweries, and M Power MSL.

During his career he has held General Manager roles across the Australian and Pacific markets and has also held key National Roles.

His strengths included maintaining market share, managing customer expectations, managing large sales & marketing teams, as well as managing multi million dollar budgets.

He also co- founded Mondo Coffee, a business he owned and operated for seven years.

He was also co- owner of The Frisco Hotel in Wooloomooloo for 6 years.

Luke Pallister - Director

Luke started in the hospitality industry in 2005 and has grown the family business Pallisters into a diverse company that provides product and services to over 600 venues across Australia which has also seen the development of software products including Member Rewards Club and Pallister Games. Luke in conjunction with Sol1 built and developed PG a gaming promotional platform that served over 100 venues across Australia before its acquisition in 2016 by MPower MSL. Luke has a strong understanding of the loyalty and promotional market which has now led to the development of another innovative product Kakoon. Luke has a strong business acumen and an ability to see an opportunity within our market and provide a solution to help our customers.

Andrew Foster

Andrew has over 20 years’ experience developing and supporting software. In his capacity as director and lead developer at Sol1, he has architected and overseen the deployment of software projects of all sizes for customers such as Sky Racing, NSW Government departments and tech startups. He is passionate about building flexible, open platforms that are easy to extend, support and scale. Andrew is the developer behind Kakoon and has enlisted a team behind him to ensure we meet all your development demands and always keep it fresh and interesting.